Bloomberg Daybreak Middle East. Live from Dubai, connecting Asian markets to the European opens. The show will focus on global macro issues with a middle eastern context, provide expert analysis of major market moving stories and speak with the biggest newsmakers in the region.
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I Love Wine transports you to the best winemaking regions of the world
China’s Envoy to US Warns Against Cutting Nation Out of EV Chain
Hedge Funds Swoop In on Swedish Match, Piling Pressure on PMI
MercadoLibre to Double EV Fleet in Latin America by Year-End
Rail Strike Threat Dredges Up New Fears of US Supply-Chain Havoc
Hong Kong Wins Banker Commitments to Push Ahead With Summit
US Cyber-Defense Agency Urges Companies to Automate Threat Testing
SoftBank’s Son Discusses Setting Up Third Vision Fund
Amazon Opens the Email Marketing Floodgates to Try to Boost Sales
China’s Xi Poised for First Putin Meeting Since Ukraine Invasion
Ukrainian President Zelenskiy Involved in Car Crash After Izyum Visit
Billionaire Patagonia Founder Gives Company Away to Fight Climate Change
Billionaire Perez Buys Last Major Tract on South Florida’s Fisher Island
Ford Rolls Out What May Be the Classic Mustang’s Last Stand
Rodríguez Makes More History as Mariners Top Padres 6-1
Former Colonies Should Do More Than Just Abolish the Monarchy
Splatoon Shows Nintendo Is More Than Just Nostalgia
China’s Payment Duopoly May Struggle to Survive
Chinese Manufacturers Get Around US Tariffs With Some Help From Mexico
A Dubious Truck, a Whistleblower Army, and Inept Spies: Inside the Very Weird Nikola Saga
It’s White-Collar Jobs That Are at Risk in the Next Recession
What You Need to Know About Amtrak and the Looming Freight-Rail Strike
Bias Forces India’s Poorly Paid Women Out of Jobs, Report Says
Storm Moves Up East China Coast After Blowing Over Shanghai
Samsung to Invest $5 Billion Under Plan to Tame Rising Emissions
Amtrak’s Website Crashes as Long-Distance Trains Canceled
Return-to-Office Push Does Little to Solve Transit Agency Problems
Candidates for Local Office Hit an Increasingly Hostile Campaign Trail
Coinbase Is Highlighting Politicians on Their Crypto-Friendliness
Celsius Judge Approves Independent Probe of Bankrupt Crypto Lender’s Holdings
World’s Biggest Ether Mining Firm to Shut Down After the ‘Merge’


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