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Russian soldiers ordered to retreat by their commander amid heavy shelling have been told they will be deserters if they leave after the leader U-turned on his decision. Desperate troops have appeared in a video shared on social media asking for help. They say their commander is claiming he never gave the retreat order.

According to the stranded men in the Yaroslavl region in Russia, they left their positions during heavy shelling by Ukrainian tanks and artillery.
They claim the order to retreat was a personal decision by the company commander who has now retracted his words.
As a result, they are worried they will be prosecuted by Russian authorities for military desertion — a “crime” that can see them sent to prison for 15 years.
The video first appeared on the platform About the City of Yaroslavl. The wives of the mobilised soldiers seemingly confirmed the videos validity on the platform.

Russian troops
The women have asked their men to be freed from the warzone.
The mobilised men are said to be attempting to scatter themselves in different units to protect their rights.
It follows an incident today where a Russian deserter was killed in his hometown after fleeing the Russian front.
Dimitry Perov, 31, escaped his post with a machine gun and several grenades, according to Russian media.

The video and murder come after a spate of arrests of Russian conscripts in recent weeks. Eight soldiers from Kalingrad were also charged with deserting the Ukraine war today and could face up to 15 years in prison if they are found guilty.
Conscripts are said to be closely monitored by The Investigative Committee in Russia who hunt down those that evade their service.
The sentence for not turning up for service after being summoned is less severe and is normally punished with a fine or up to two years in prison, according to the Russain telegram publication Bazabazon.
Putin is set to call upon half a million additional conscripts this month on top of the 300,000 he tried to mobilise in October, claimed Ukraine‘s military intelligence.
Putin Visits Saint Petersburg
Many Russian men fleeing conscription have left for neighbouring country Kazakhstan – a close ally.
But the Central Asian state is set to tighten its visa rules in a bid to make it more difficult for Russian refugees.
From January 26, visitors belonging to the Eurasian Economic Union, including Russia, will only be allowed to stay in the country for 90 days within a 180-day period, according to the Kazak government.
Russians used to be allowed to stay in the country indefinitely, reportedly by using “visa runs” every three months.

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