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Insight and analysis of top stories from our award winning magazine “Bloomberg Businessweek”.
Over the past two decades, China has built large infrastructure projects in almost every country in Africa, making Western powers uncomfortable amid wider concerns about Beijing’s investments across the continent. However, a deeper look shows that accusations of so-called debt trap diplomacy turn out to be unfounded.
Credit Calculus Turns Against Stocks With Yield Edge Over Bonds Vanishing
Crypto Traders Hedge Against Ether Disappointment Ahead of Merge
Truss’s Stimulus Set to Boost UK Lenders, Deutsche Bank Says
Monkeypox Infections Reported by Colleges Raise Concerns of Campus Spread
Real Estate Listings With Flood Scores Shift Home-Shopper Habits
Intel Aims for Lower, $30 Billion Valuation for Mobileye IPO
Twitter Rejects Musk’s Bid to End Deal Ahead of Shareholder Vote
BofA Names New North America Corporate, Investment-Banking Head
Congress Would Act to Avert a National Rail Strike, Hoyer Says
Italy’s Meloni Pledges Not to Expand Deficit to Fund Energy Aid
Private-Equity Billionaire Robert Smith Will Face Credibility Test at Lawyer’s Trial
Voyager Customers With Frozen Savings on ‘Edge of Seat’ Ahead of Auction
Notre Dame QB Buchner Expected to Miss Season With Injury
Prescott Sub Rush Faces Challenge of Keeping Cowboys Afloat
Citi Got Its $500 Million Back
Ukraine’s Wins Make Russian War More Dangerous
The Pro-Life Movement Needs to Be More Realistic
Dry Cleaners Were Disappearing Even Before the Pandemic
Google’s Loon Project Gets Resurrected. Without Google. Or Balloons
Startups Are Borrowing More as the Easy Venture Capital Money Vanishes
Top-Ranked US Colleges All Cost More Than $55,000 a Year
Yellen Banknotes Are Finally Coming
Billionaire Climate Activist May Target More Major Polluters With Green Campaigns
German Diesel Drivers, Truckers Hit by Growing Energy Crisis
To Reduce Labor Shortages, Chicago Tries to Ease the Path From Prison Into Jobs
The US Has No Early Childhood Infrastructure. Libraries Are Picking Up the Slack
Largest Monument to Queen Elizabeth May Take Root This Winter
Crypto Traders Hedge Against Ether Disappointment Ahead of Merge
Crypto Trade Group for Circle, Kraken Seeks Clout With PAC to Spread Cash Haul
Novogratz Says Fidelity to Shift Retail to Crypto Soon
The U.S. will announce $3 billion more in arms for Ukraine on Wednesday, when the country will mark a tense Independence Day and six months since Russia’s invasion, according to a US official.
US diplomats warned that Russia is preparing intensified attacks on Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure and government facilities in coming days, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has said the Kremlin may attempt a “particularly cruel” assault.


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