David Westin speaks with top names in finance about the week’s biggest issues on Wall Street.
From the policy debates to the political fights, today’s top newsmakers make sure they sit down with Chris Wallace.
We revisit leg-strap technology that harnesses electromagnetic power to repel sharks. Then surfing pro Kai Lenny delivers all the wisdom you need to sample the fast-growing sport of hydrofoiling.
Japan CEOs Facing Inflation Are Talking More About Merit-Based Pay
Star Macro Fund Casts Doubt on Key Theme of China Stock Rally
China Boost for Flagging World Economy Looms as Reopening Starts
Israeli Inflation Holds at Highest Since 2008 Despite Rate Hikes
Peru’s Economy Slowed in November Before Political Unrest
Social Media Buzz: Tesla, Mega Millions, Santos, Covid
Romanian Authorities Reportedly Seize Luxury Cars From Andrew Tate’s Compound
Taiwan Is Still Semiconductor Leader as Chip Exports Rise Again
Startup Eyes Australia to Build China-Free Battery Production
Xi Faces Dilemma as China Quietly Detains Young Covid Protesters
Dozens of Casualties in Congo Pentacostal Church Blast on Sunday
Billionaires Heading to Davos Reflect Changed World Order
Ackman Cites Past Spitzer Probe in Defending Bankman-Fried
After Dallas Zoo Leopard Escape, Cut Found in Monkey Habitat
Ex-Western Movie Actor, Wife Survive Home Fire Near Tucson
Taiwan’s Health System Runs a National Security Risk
Car Lease Ending Soon? Might Be Time to Buy
What Happens When Disruptors Hit Reality Head-On
What We Got Right and Wrong About 2022
On the Hot Seat for 2023: Masayoshi Son, Changpeng Zhao and More
Will You Finally Break Up With Twitter This Year?
Europe Gets Serious About Women’s Football, Apart From Money
Trump Rages About ‘Hoaxes’ and ‘Scum’ in Unsealed Deposition
Kerry Says Gas Can Help Climate, But Only With Carbon Capture
This Village Is Standing in the Way of Germany’s Coal Revival
After a Facelift, a Mid-Century Icon Stands Tall Again in LA
NYC Mayor Adams Pleads for Emergency Aid to House Migrants
Where Internet Connection Costs More in the US
Tanzania Plans ‘Cautious’ Central Bank Digital Currency Launch
Licking its FTX Wounds, Bahamas Steps Up Push for Digital Fiat
Gemini and Genesis Battle It Out (Podcast)
A Ukrainian artillery unit responds to Russian artillery shelling by firing a M777 cannon in Kherson, Ukraine.

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Ukraine’s allies have provided more than 4,000 armored vehicles, artillery pieces, aircraft and other weapon systems to help Kyiv fight Russia, and now NATO’s most powerful members are sending more lethal arms.


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