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November 14, 2022 11.05 Europe/London By
A local language version of Russia Today (RT) will shortly be launched in Serbia.
Furthermore, according to N1, it will be headed by Jelena Milincic, the daughter of the Sputnik editor Ljubica Milincic.
N1 adds that Sputnik published this information in response to a public appearance by Dragan Sutanovac, the former Serbian minister of defence, in which he mentioned Jelena Milincic.
The EU suspended the distribution of Russia Today and Sputnik through the EU in March following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. According to EU spokesman, Peter Sanko, Serbia, as a candidate country, is expected to gradually harmonise its foreign and security policy with that of the EU’s.
As previously reported by Broadband TV News, it was first announced in July that Russia Today would open a representative office in Serbia. The move was strongly criticised by Klemen Groselj, a member of the European Parliament.
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