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Russian ideologue Alexander Dugin attends the farewell ceremony of his daughter Daria Dugina, who was killed in a car bomb explosion. (AFP)
One of Russia’s key figures has called for President Vladimir Putin to be toppled and even hinted that he should even be killed after Kremlin’s humiliating defeat in Kherson, a report has claimed.
Ultra-right-wing nationalist Alexander Dugin, who is also dubbed as ‘Putin’s Brain’, is among the first major Russian figure to break his silence over the growing dissatisfaction with Putin’s handling of the Ukraine war, a report in The Mirror said.
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The 60-year-old strategist is considered to be part of the Moscow elite calling for Putin to escalate in Ukraine and sees retreat from Kherson as a massive blow to Russian pride, the report said.
It added that Dugin also posted his outburst on Telegram and expressed his fears that many Russians were killed there. However, his tirade against Putin was removed.
Dugin has been the de facto author of Putin’s Ukrainian strategy, as Washington Post columnist David Von Drehle has suggested. Although he has no formal government position — rather, he is a former chief editor at Tsargrad TV, a network known for its ardent support of both Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church — and has been perpetually cagey about the specifics of his relationship with Putin, the Kremlin has long used his language and rhetoric.
However, with the latest developments vis-à-vis Ukraine war, Dugin said that seeing the situation every “real Russian” should grieve and “clench his teeth in pain”. He added that Russia has “surrendered Kherson” and that if civilians are not upset over Kherson “They are not Russian”.
This isn’t the first time that any Russian elite has shown their outburst against Putin for losses in Ukraine.
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Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov, who was appointed by Russian president Vladimir Putin, also criticised the Russian leadership earlier in September.
Kadyrov was unhappy with Vladimir Putin because over the weekend the Russian president presided over an event where a huge observation wheel was inaugurated in Moscow as part of celebrations for Moscow Day.
News18 also reported last month that senior Russian officials are actively discussing President Vladimir Putin’s replacement, according to Ukrainian chief of defence intelligence.
Major general Kyrylo Budanov claimed that Vladimir Putin is unlikely to last in office until the end of the Ukraine war. The report added that discussions are underway for Putin to be removed from power.
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