The National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT) has removed Russian TV channels, including the Kremlin-sponsored Russia Today, from a list of approved channels in Poland.
The move came in reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine launched on Thursday morning.
“The National Broadcasting Council has adopted a resolution on the removal of Russian channels, including Russia Today, from the register of broadcast channels,” Janusz Cieszyński, the government commissioner for cyber-security, wrote on Twitter on Thursday afternoon.
Andrzej Duda, Poland’s president, has said there is a “high probability” that the missile that killed two people in eastern Poland on Tuesday was fired by Ukraine’s air defences.
Measuring between 1.3 to 1.5 metres long and 50cm in depth, the cylindrical metal canister was found in the conservatory of an 18th century palace used by Hitler’s SS as a brothel.
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