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Transcript: Understanding the Collapse of Sam Bankman-Fried’s Crypto Empire
A Quarter of Americans at Risk of Winter Power Blackouts, Grid Emergencies
Italy’s Meloni Is Ready to Present €30 Billion Budget to Cabinet
Brexit Has Had ‘Significant Adverse Impact’ on UK Trade, Fiscal Watchdog Says
UK Faces £133 Billion Bill From BOE QE, Wiping Out Last Decade of Income
Elon Musk Fights an Ill-Timed Battle Over His ‘Really Crazy’ Pay
Telefonica Plans Broad Spanish Price Hikes in Effort to Boost Sales
SpaceX Illegally Fired Workers for Criticizing Musk and Company Culture, Complaint Claims
Digital Virgo to Merge With SPAC of Ex-Michael Jordan Agent
Musk Risks Opening Door to New Twitter Rivals, Ex-Chairman Says
Canada Charges Man With Plotting to Topple Late Haitian Leader
Trudeau Team Feared Trucker Protests Would Harm US Trade Ties
US Mortgage Rates Post Biggest Drop Since 1981, Falling to 6.61%
Mortgage Market Upheaval Spurs $17 Billion in Paper Losses for Banks
Ticketmaster Isn’t Apologizing for Taylor Swift Presale Issues, Blames Bots
Why Bake? The Best Cakes for a Festive Dinner Are Available by Mail
FTX Was Not Very Careful
Hunt’s Fiscal Medicine Won’t Dispel UK’s Economic Pain
FTX Offers a Master Class in Crypto’s Flaws
Meta Confronts an Apple-Sized Hole in Its Once-Mighty Advertising Business
US Oil Refineries Find Paying Fines Can Be Cheaper Than Cleaning Up
Where European Energy Infrastructure Is Vulnerable to Attack
Working Families to Bear Brunt of Britain’s Energy Squeeze
Poorest Britons Face Brutal Winter Despite Hunt’s New Policies
Biden Climate Law Spurs Surge of Plans for Cleantech Factories
UK Renewable Power Companies Head for Stand Off With Government Over Windfall Tax
How Civic Tech Got a Pandemic Upgrade
Survivors of Black Wall Street Massacre Challenge Tulsa’s Atonement Strategy
Key Hearing on Fate of NYC’s Rikers Island Set for Thursday
Crypto Contagion Entangles More Customer Cash
Binance Evidence on FTX Collapse Unacceptable, UK Lawmakers Say
Matt Levine Weighs In on the Post-FTX Crypto Ecosystem

Higher taxes and lower spending: that’s expected to be the theme of Jeremy Hunts long-awaited Autumn Statement today. It is an opportunity to mitigate, the impact of a recession in the UK, and for the government to restore its fiscal credibility in the financial markets. It can’t come soon enough — today’s corporate reporting shows a slew of companies grappling with higher prices, higher interest rates and labor disputes.
Here’s the key business news from London this morning:


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