• China expressed its intention to deepen its ties with Russia and also accused US-led NATO of cornering Moscow through a transatlantic military alliance

China on Thursday accused the United States and NATO of pushing Russia into a corner with the swift expansion of the transatlantic military alliance and also backing Ukraine to be pro-western democracy. The foreign minister of China, Wang Yi also expressed that China will deepen its ties with Russia while avoiding directly criticizing Russia for its invasion and subsequent human rights violations in Ukraine.
China and Russia faced a shaky relationship during the times of the Cold War, but as the United States emerged as a common enemy, both nations joined hands against what they called US-led western hegemony.
Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi on Thursday affirmed China’s support to Russia despite Western criticism over the war.
“China will also firmly support the Russian side, under the leadership of President (Vladimir) Putin, to unite and lead the Russian people to overcome difficulties and eliminate disturbances,” Wang said in a call with his counterpart Sergei Lavrov, according to state broadcaster CCTV.
China is willing to deepen contacts with the Russian side at all levels,” Wang said, according to CCTV.
This was a renewal of Chinese support for Russians after Chinese President Xi Jinping secured a third time as a country leader on Sunday. Even during the military setbacks to Russia, during its Ukraine adventure, Xi on multiple occasions was seen supporting Russia and its President Vladimir Putin. He also affirmed that China is willing to work with Russia and support their “fundamental interests.”
Wang Yi also met Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba last month, on the sidelines of the United National General Assembly. It was their first such meeting since Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February.
China is strongly signaling an intention to nuance its position on war as till now, it has maintained that it is neutral and not supporting any country militarily.
Russian President Vladimir Putin also said on Thursday that the world is facing the most dangerous decade since World War Two as Western elites scrambled to prevent the inevitable crumbling of the global dominance of the United States and its allies.
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